What You Need to Know About Salt-based Water Systems

Water softening companies have used numerous technologies to develop various water softening systems to suit the need of different people. Some people do not require high sodium content in their water and thus need a salt-free water softening systems. However, the best water softener for removing the hardness of water are the salt-based water systems. To help you know more about them here is a review of their functionality, best model, benefits, as well as their shortcomings:

Best tips


Salt-based water softening systems work through a process that replaces the hard water crystals by soft water ions. The process wqypklmbvto achieve this involves the application of salt ions or sodium into the system through a salt chamber or a brine tank that requires a regular top up to facilitate the efficient functioning of the appliance. For the salt-based system to work properly, you need to regenerate it consistently by flushing out from the chamber, all the hard water ions building up with time. The regeneration exercise facilitates efficiency to enable the water softener to supply you with the quantity of water you need for your household.

Usually, the salt-based water softeners use three types of renewal methods: manual technique, meter regeneration, and timer restoration. The most popular and efficient way of rejuvenating the salt-based water softener is the meter regeneration because it enables the appliance to restart regularly depending on your level of water usage providing you with adequate water for you domestic needs.

Best model

The greatest salt-based water softener currently available on the market is the Fleck 5600 SXT. It is due to its capacity that is ideal for medium-size families, affordability, and metered regeneration technology. Those who have bought the product have given it a five-star rating, making it the best of all times.

Benefits of salt-based water softeners

They are capable of giving you the optimum removal of water hardness, eliminating of all the hard water problems at all times, and leaving you with greater satisfaction. Salt-based water softening systems do not require any form of maintenance, which makes them save you cost in the long term. Everyone considering buying a machine that will yield maximum benefits from soft water should pick one of the salt-based water softeners available.


kjkjkjkjkjSalt-based water softeners like Fleck 7000 are big and bulky meaning that they require a lot of space to install. For you to use one, you need to have a sewer system nearby to channel the discharge from the brine tank.

Their initial costs are considerably high and out of reach for some families. Finally, salt-based machines are not ideal for people with sodium-restricted diet because of the high sodium content prevailing in the soft water.