Exterior Home Design Tips

ext2Exterior home design can be a very complicated process especially if you have no idea how to carefully choose the colors, materials and balancing shapes and lines.

Have you ever wondered why some homes are visually appealing? It is more than likely that those beautiful homes have followed some key design principles. Good design applies to everything from art to fashion to the interior as well as the exterior of your home. The following are essential principles you should know as far as designing the exterior of your home is concerned:

Balancing shapes with symmetry

Balance and symmetry play a very significant role in obtaining a well designed space. The exterior of every home needs some appearance of balance and symmetry in order to appear pleasing to the eye and to look well designed. A properly designed home features an exterior that is proportional and well balanced.

The form should blend with the function

When designing the exterior of your home, it is important to ensure that all your family needs are considered. What is the purpose of your home? It is important to point out that the exterior of your home should look like the interior designs of your house. In other words, the interior design affects the exterior designs.extMaterials and textures

With a variety of options it is very difficult to decide the right materials you can use on your home exterior. However, it is best to balance durability and aesthetics. Therefore, ensure that you use durable materials that have beautiful texture. But it is advisable to consult a skilled exterior design architect for better advice on how to go about with designing the exterior of your home.

Landscaping is essential

Landscaping is an essential part of exterior home design. It involves more than simply planting a tree in your front yard. It is not easy to know the right plants to choose for your landscape. Therefore, to come up with the right selection of plants it is advisable to do some research on the local soil and a few of the native plants. To avoid making mistakes, you can use the services of a professional landscaper.

Properly light up your homeext3

Proper lighting of your home is essential for safety and for enhancing night time appeal. Choose lights that mimic your home’s style. It is important to point out that traditional home designs look great with lantern-style chandeliers hanging over a covered entryway.

In summary, for you to achieve a balanced, proportional and beautiful exterior home design, it is important to consider all the above principles.